Water, Water Everywhere ... but not all drops are safe to drink

18 million Americans obtained drinking water from systems with lead violations in 2015

"At least 6 million city water pipes in the US are made of metal, which is so dangerous there is no acceptable safe level, and many local governments have thin budgets for replacement." - NRDC

77 million Americans lived in places where water systems were in violation of safety regulations in 2015
15 million Americans’ drinking water is contaminated with PFCs, a toxic chemical used to make nonstick cookware linked to thyroid disease and cancer, per a 2017 study
33 state’s drinking water was found in 2016 to contain unsafe levels of PFASs, a class of industrial chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruptions, and high cholesterol.

Arsenic in water is of great concern. People exposed to arsenic have 65% higher chance of fatal cardiovascular disease. Lead and Cadmium introduce a similar risk.

44 million people living outside city limits are the most vulnerable because they rely on private wells and don't benefit from germ-killing treatments to their wells.

$11 per person was spent by the federal government on water pipes, pumps and plants in 2011. In 1977, it was $76 per person.
— Woman's Health April 2018