Introducing the Waterlyzer…

Waterlyzer is the first on-demand, from the source testing device that provides real results in real-time about water that is consumed in the home

No more complicated test kits or mail-in samples 

Waterlyzer easily attaches to a smartphone, analyzes tap water and identifies contaminants of concern within minutes 

With the data that Waterlyzer collects......

Consumers discover what’s in the water that they drink

Communities activate against potential threats to health and safety

Utilities remediate before an incident becomes a catastrophe




Water, free from pollutants, bacteria, and heavy metals is a global imperative for the future of the planet. The media seems to highlight a new water contamination crisis everyday. From lead to bacteria,  Flint, Michigan to Tampa, Florida- there's a growing demand to determine,  ‘What's in my water.’ 


DATA Collection


Water utilities across the country and around the world want to know more about the water that they deliver to their consumers. Insight about what comes out at the tap is critical intelligence that we don’t have. The Waterlyzer crowd-sources data from neighborhoods and cities; uncovers potential hazards; and instigates further investigation that promotes faster remediation.


Consumer Activation


Municipalities have aged and failing water infrastructures. Current solutions are gridlocked by bureaucracy and monetary constraints.  Consumers armed with knowledge can be inspired to band together to empower utilities to make the necessary improvements to provide safe water far into the future.

How Does it work?

A single drop of water is all it takes to measure the water quality from any tap.  The Waterlyzer biosensor analyzes and translates the results into easy-to-understand reports that are delivered to a connected smartphone and simultaneously shares the results with us at Microlyze to be integrated with data from every other surrounding home in the neighborhood, city and state.

What We Test FOr

  Waterlyzer tests for acceptable levels of all regulated USEPA contaminants including: LEAD, chlorine, bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, pesticides, water hardness, pH and heavy metals. 


Waterlyzer is a first line defense against a contaminated water source. Knowing what's in each drinking water is the first step toward making a difference. Community crowd-sourcing this vital information has the power to build consumer and institutional awareness of potential issues and drive preemptive improvements of aging infrastructures, before they become a crisis or catastrophe.

Microlyze is a digital biotech company created to provide utilities and consumers with actionable data about one of the worlds most vital natural resources, water. 

The key to better water lies in the understanding what's coming out of each and every tap.  Engaging consumers and crowd-sourcing the collection of data helps Microlyze provide utilities a cost effective, simple, hassle-free way to gather and harness crucial information about potential contaminants that are streaming into peoples’ homes. While providing consumers visibility into what they are drinking, Microlyze facilitates the collection, analysis and reporting of data right from the source, in an instant.

With the Waterlyzer, municipalities can identify where to make infrastructure improvements, neighborhood by neighborhood, and provide safe water well into the future. The Waterlyzer will empower utilities to better provide the public with pure, safe and potable water.

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