Ari Kaufman successfully identifies and pivots businesses towards underserved or non-dominated market opportunities. He has led digital media startups, turn-arounds, and early-stage growth companies for 20 years and has made a career out of successfully anticipating the future of digital marketing technology. Ari has been involved in multiple projects that have included raising capital and achieving successful exits that maximize shareholder value, including two initial public offerings (IPO). His visionary leadership is complimented by his ability to attract and hire strong teams that execute.

In 2012 Ari engineered the management buy-out and corporate carve-out of Placeable with the financial support of a private equity investment partner and most recently sold that company to a strategic acquirer. As the President of InfoNow-LocationInsight, he automated local search management.

As founder, he successfully sold the interactive lead-generating advertising firm ThinkAcquisition to a global strategic agency. As General Manager for LookSmart, he managed the paid search platform responsible for $250 million in revenue. As Chief Strategy Officer, he led PrecisionIR’s IPO on the London Stock Exchange.  

He introduced first-party ad serving while at MatchLogic and as a founder of, he pioneered the online advertising industry with the explosive growth of the first fully ad-supported web site in 1996.

While at previous companies, Ari has committed himself to proactively developing winning cultures that promote ownership and accountability. His Own Your Shit mantra has received national notoriety and accolades from some of the most prestigious publications. Ari is considered a beacon for talent and true nurturer of people.

As a New York transplant living in Denver, Colorado with his wife and three children, Ari studied Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. He is an incredibly well-trained dog owner, but not a veterinarian.