Microlyze Corporation launches following huge reception at 10.10.10-Cities Finale

October 26, 2017: 10.10.10 CEO, Ari Kaufman came out on stage talking about his trip to India and how his experience with contaminated water had given his wife antibiotic-resistant giardia. He talked about the motivations that he had for doing something meaningful at this stage of his career and how 10.10.10 had given him that opportunity. Then he introduced the 10 Wicked Problems and described a DaVinci Code experience that highlight common aspects that he saw in all of the problems that drew him towards his solution. He described the bureaucratic obstacles to solving the lack of transparency around water quality and then introduced the Waterlyzer. This was the first hand-held device to promote crowd-sourced measurement of drinking water quality in the home. Then he demonstrated a live prototype of the product - after only 10 days after conceiving it. Ari shared the names of 51 people and 25 organizations who had shared more than 70 meetings and phone calls and a collective 479 hours to develop the concept. He demonstrated that 10.10.10 can truly take a CEO for 10 days, give him wicked problems to examine, surround him with experts and resources and on the other end can result in a market-based solution.