Rockies Venture Club Closes Investment Deal with Microlyze (PRWeb)

DENVER (PRWEB) August 23, 2018

On July 6, 2018, Rockies Venture Club (RVC) participated in a convertible note seed investment round with Microlyze Corporation. Microlyze is an innovative start-up company that provides water utilities and consumers with actionable data about one of the world’s most vital natural resources, water. Microlyze’s Waterlyzer is the first on-demand, from the source, testing device to provide real results in real-time about water that is consumed in-home. Waterlyzer easily attaches to a smart phone, analyzes tap water and identifies USEPA contaminants of concern within minutes – including LEAD. Microlyze empowers utilities to make improvements to infrastructure, neighborhood by neighborhood by providing a cost effective, simple, hassle-free way to collect and harness the crucial information streaming from taps by collecting it, analyzing it and reporting back right from the source, in an instant.

CEO and Founder, Ari Kaufman, conceived the Waterlyzer while participating in the 10.10.10venture generation program in October 2017. Kaufman immediately formed the business following the program, landed a paid pilot with a major metropolitan water utility and launched a $1.2 million seed round. Kaufman is a well-seasoned CEO who, over the course of his career, has guided several companies to exit, including two IPOs.

10.10.10 is a Colorado-based organization focused on tackling the world’s wicked problems through public education and engagement that inspires entrepreneurs to take action. The program invites 10 CEO’s to spend 10 days together tackling 10 “wicked” problems. The 2017 Water program focused 5 of the problems on addressing water-related issues including failing infrastructure, water scarcity and contamination. During the event, Kaufman enlisted the intelligence of 22 industry experts including leadership the EPA, Isle Utilities, Hach, The University of Colorado, Colorado State University and Denver Water to develop a solution that would primarily detect lead as well as other contaminants in water, almost instantly.

Rockies Venture Club has worked closely with 10.10.10 Founder and CEO, Tom Higley, to help provide funding and mentorship for some of the most promising ventures graduating from the program. Prior to starting 10.10.10, Tom founded 6 tech companies, but through 10.10.10 now provides a process and program that helps successful entrepreneurs create new ventures that deliver both impact and return on investment. This vision aligned with RVC’s mission to educate and connect entrepreneurs and angel investors. Following Ari Kaufman’s graduation from 10.10.10 and the launch of Microlyze, Tom referred CEO, Kaufman, to present in RVC’s annual Angel Capital Summit Conference. After participating in the 2-day RVC conference, Microlyze ranked first in terms of interest from Rockies Venture Club Investors.

“We have received tremendous support and exposure since coming out of 10.10.10 this past October,” said Ari Kaufman, “Investors, partners and opportunities continue to present themselves as we maintain our commitment to focus, ownership and speed. These three core values were established at 10.10.10 and have helped maintain our unique momentum going forward. Rockies Venture Club has been a terrific experience from the beginning. The Angel Capital Summit offered unique exposure to many savvy angels in the region and RVC has continued to expand that exposure beyond the Front Range onto a national level. We are thrilled to have RVC as a participant in our seed round and are excited for the benefits that will come with their support.”

RVC has supported the 10.10.10 program, providing mentorship and investment capital to help guide entrepreneurs as they build the foundation for their next business opportunity. “Ari is a prime example of an extraordinary entrepreneur passionate about solving a wicked problem. Throughout the program, Ari worked with domain experts and industry validators, learning at light-speed in a way that helped him create a new business in record time,” stated 10.10.10 CEO Tom Higley. 10.10.10 considers this to be just one of their unique features: connecting experienced entrepreneurs with industry experts to combat real problems. Serving as a “venture generator” working in the earliest stage of the startup ecosystem, 10.10.10 has provided RVC with access to high quality early-stage investment opportunities. Higley said “The RVC community has played an instrumental role in the 10 day program, creating a collaborative partnership between the two organizations that has helped provide entrepreneurs support as they determine how to invest the next chapter of their lives. We are excited to continue our relationship with RVC, leveraging the shared mission of educating and connecting entrepreneurs with investors to facilitate economic development through impact investing.”